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You know you're in love when you can't fall asleepbecause...Reality is finally better than your dreams..

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When I look at you, I feel something in my heart... And my Heart wants that you stay with me because I love you till moon and back.

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Love is not only about Romance, It is about caring for another person than yourself.

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I wanna live, sleep and wake up by your side.

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By: Kane

When a girl tell every little details about What had happened during the whole day, Believe me you're damn special to her.

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Just because I'm not speaking to you doesn't mean i do not Miss you.

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Smiling for someone is Sweet. But making someone Smile is the Best Feeling.

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By: Maci

When I count My Blessings , I count You Twice.

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By: Maximiliano

When i met you i found LIFE... if i lose you i can't LIVE, you are the air i BREATH, i love you beyond the DEPTHS of my soul.

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By: Zaira

They say a Picture is worth a Thousand words but when I look at yours, I am Speechless!

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