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In life we achieve real success if we help others too in succeeding!

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Silence itself is a Powerful language... Slowly... the world will start listening you!

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Good people coming into our life is our Fortune but maintaing them for life is our Mastership!

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Crowd always goes in a direction which has less risks. But it doesn’t signify that crowd is on right track…. Choose your direction wisely as no one knows you better than you yourself!

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When you smile, it not simply makes you feel Happy but for others also it makes a difference by giving them a ray of hope to live.

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This life is too short to hold grudges for in your mind for others, free yourself from all this today as tomorrow it will be too late before you realize it!

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You don’t have to speak Courage, You just have to show it!

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The work which people say is impossible to do, go grab the chance to prove that you can and be a champion in proving them wrong.

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Never Horrify anyone so much that one day his all fears dies.

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When people start talking at your back and make you feel low, it means you are already above them.

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