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Do that work, which you feel is most difficult and you are afraid of!To Boost your 'Self-confidence'

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Attacking with Sticks and stones will only cause broken bones. But speaking Rash words causes broken Relations.

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If you are not sleepy, get up and do something rather than lying down and worry. Getting less sleep will not give you enough loss than worrying itself.

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Whatever you wished and got is called success. And loving what you have got is called Happiness!!

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In life if u see behind, u will see Experiences. If u see ahead, you will see Hope. if u see by your side, you witness truth and if u see within, you will find God and self confidence.

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Fear exists no where But in your Mind

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May the Irish Angels Blessed you with Luck, Happiness & Gold Forever. Happy St Patrick's Day

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Enjoy The Irish Beer Coz Everyone is Irish TodayHappy St Patrick's Day

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They themselves decide the height of their success, Birds were not trained to fly high. Sky is the limit for them as they don’t have fear of falling out.

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Its very easy to run away from difficulties, Life is a test, worriers get nothing but 'Warriors' have whole world under their feet!

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