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Failure is the best time to, sow seeds of success.

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We need to reach out to God ourselves,through prayers...same as birds reach for food, resourses but source we need to reach out on our ownthrough several attempts...as God provides you

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If your gut feeling says that you won’t be able to achieve your goal. Instead of changing your aim, change your efforts towards it.Then...

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How can a mother be a nescient, when she has all estimate of the days spent alone without her child.

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Even a single moment of is so poisonous that it takes away all those thousands moments of that you have spent with them! lovemisunderstanding

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Unless youit doesn’t matter how you moving!slowly stop,

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Knowledge is virtue take it from whenever you get chance to capture it. Keep on winning Trust of everyone, it will help in future. Keep on making Friends, you never know when you will need one’s shoulder!

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Forgive those, to whom you never forget.. Forget those, to whom you cannot forgive!And

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When I know that my god is always besides me, then it doesnot matter who all are against me.

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Two things in life ditches you... one is Time and other is Love. Time will never be yours and Love cant be done with anyone!

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