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Attitude is the feeling of agreement or disagreement with a person, place or a thing. If you want to describe your mood on your statuses then helps you in it.

Check out these unique My Attitude Statuses to describe your daily mood and update them daily on your social media profiles like WhatsApp or Facebook profiles according to your mood. Let the people know what are feeling today!

You can even share your own ideas and beliefs in the comments section of our lookmystatus facebook page or craft your own designs by logging in the website which helps us and other people to share even more relevant quotes, phrases, and images.

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For Every pain given, you will be healed. Have faith in Almighty!

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If you have self Belief, even God will write your Destiny as per your Wish!

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Situations never become Problems,Unless you know how to fight back!

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Sandalwood that outwears to powder, Can be put on forehead but one which doesn’t is only burnt till ash. Moral: Be flexible enough in accommodating new changes in life!

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Truth can be bitter and can upset you,It can always be Won with courage But...

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if you stay connected to your creator God!Worry'will never take a toll on you,

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True wisdom comes in Knowing nothing!

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When I know that my god is always besides me, then it doesnot matter who all are against me.

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Success and Failure merely depends upon one’s thinking… If you think you can't then you fail definitely but if u think u can and u will, you surely succeed!!

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Until you think Others are the reason of your Failures, You can’t win over your weaknesses and difficulties.

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